Be together now, wherever you are.

Live still images updating every few seconds all day long create the illusion of being together. You control who you connect with and when. You can only be seen by the people you can see.
Nowbridge is easy and free.

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The illusion of being together

Nowbridge creates the illusion of being in a room together. You can see who is there and if they are free.

Nowbridge exchanges small still images every few seconds with the people you choose to connect with. The system is mutual so you can only be seen by the people you can see.

Connect with your colleagues, friends, or family – the ones you want to be close to.

Feel part of a team

Nowbridge is great for people working from home or with team members who are working remotely. With Nowbridge you always feel part of a team.

Being seen by those you are close to builds trust. It makes working from a home office or remotely more like it is when you are all together. You don’t need to be sitting near people to share the day with them.

Ask a quick question

If you need to ask a quick question you can see if the person is there, off the phone, ready to reply. You can call them knowing they will answer. You can message them knowing you will hear back soon.

No more unanswered calls, voice messages or waiting for a reply. Communicate in real time.

How to get started:

Getting started with Nowbridge is easy and free.

Set up a group

If you are part of a team that works closely together you can set up a group to make it easier to connect and manage the members of the group.

You can invite members to join and you can manage the membership as it changes.