Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does Nowbridge work?

The Nowbridge application uses your camera to take a photo of you every few seconds. The application repeatedly exchanges those photos with photos taken of your contacts. The system is mutual so your images will only be exchanged with contacts you wish to see, and while those contacts are exchanging images with you.

+ How does Nowbridge manage privacy?

At Nowbridge your privacy is of paramount importance to us. You have complete control over who can see you and when on an individual by individual basis, even if you are part of a group. The images are encrypted and are not recorded. No sound or video is accessed. You can review our privacy policy at

+ Does Nowbridge always ask my permission before starting the camera?

Yes. Unless you disable the feature in the settings menu, Nowbridge will always ask you to confirm before it starts the camera.

+ Who can see me?

The system is mutual so your images are only exchanged with contacts whose images you can see. You can control who you can see and be seen by in the contacts menu.

+ Can all members of a group see me?

That’s your choice. Groups are a useful way to set up contacts but you can still control which groups and which individual members of each group you can see and be seen by in the contacts menu.

+ Is Nowbridge secure?

Yes. The images are encrypted and they expire after a short period. You control who can see you and when. No one else receives them. Be sure only to connect with people you trust.

+ Why can't I see one of my contacts?

You can’t be sure of the reason. The person could be offline or they may not have chosen to see and be seen by you.

+ Can someone tell if I don't want to see and be seen by them?

No, if you don’t accept someone’s invitation to connect or if you choose not to see and be seen by someone, they will only see a white square where your image should be. The other person won’t know why: you could be offline or not using Nowbridge.

+ How recent are the images I can see of my contacts?

In most cases the images will have been taken within the last fifteen seconds. If there is an interruption to the internet connection at either end, the images could be up to thirty seconds old.

+ How much data does Nowbridge use?

The small images exchanged by Nowbridge do not use substantial amounts of data. You can schedule Nowbridge to pause and resume at a set time each day or each week day. Nowbridge works best if you leave it running for as long as you want to see and be seen by your contacts.

+ How can I initiate a Skype call from Nowbridge?

If your contact has entered their Skype name in their account details on the Nowbridge website, you can call them on Skype by right clicking their image in Nowbridge and selecting a Skype call to that person. Ensure you have the Skype client installed on your computer. If you only have one camera, Nowbridge will pause when the Skype call starts. Remember to un-pause Nowbridge when you have finished the call.

+ What should I do if I receive a Skype video call while I am running Nowbridge?

With Windows only one application can use the camera at a time so you may need to pause Nowbridge (using the pause button) before making or receiving a Skype video call. Remember to un-pause Nowbridge when you finish. As a longer term solution you might consider having two cameras – one for Nowbridge and one for Skype.

+ Can I run Nowbridge on more than one computer?

You can install and log into Nowbridge on a number of computers but Nowbridge can only run on one computer at a time. Running Nowbridge from one computer will pause Nowbridge on any other computer that is running it.

+ Does Nowbridge use my microphone?

No, Nowbridge only captures still images every few seconds.

+ Why does the camera not go off between taking images?

We have found technical problems can arise when the camera is repeatedly turned on and off so Nowbridge leaves it on while it is running. No video or audio is collected, only still images every few seconds.

+ Does Nowbridge sell information about me?

No. Nowbridge does not sell or provide any information about you (unless required by law). Nowbridge does not view or keep your images or read or record your messages.

+ Is there any advertising on Nowbridge?

No, there is no advertising on Nowbridge.

+ What ports does Nowbridge use?

Nowbridge needs to connect to servers using UDP on ports 9000 and 9002. If you are having trouble connecting make sure your firewalls (on your computer and on your network) allow outbound UDP connections to those ports.