Privacy Policy

Updated: 20 August 2016
Effective: 20 August 2016

We collect information through the Nowbridge service, the Nowbridge client software and the Nowbridge website (collectively the “Services”). This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and how we use that information. This Privacy Policy forms part of the agreement between you and Fortuity Limited (trading as Nowbridge) (“Nowbridge”) on Nowbridge’s terms of service (“Terms”), which can be viewed at By using and continuing to use the Services you agree with the Terms and this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. The currently applicable Privacy Policy can be viewed at The updated Privacy Policy becomes effective 14 days after it is published on our website.

Nowbridge aims to provide you with a useful service while respecting your privacy. The Services have been designed from the start to ensure that you control who can see you and who receives your messages. We do not plan to show you advertising or to sell data about you to third parties.

Information you provide

When you open a Nowbridge account we obtain your name, email address and password. When you use Nowbridge we will keep a record of the users you choose to connect to. Your name is used to identify you to the users that you choose to have as contacts. Your email address is used to log in and also to allow us to send you relevant information such as when another user requests to become a contact. Your password is used to log in to the Services. Your list of contacts is used to manage who you connect to through Nowbridge. Note that this information is not stored in a publically accessible database and people who are not your contacts cannot determine whether you have a Nowbridge account. This information will be deleted if you close your account with Nowbridge. You can refuse to provide this information, although that could affect the ability for us to provide you with the use of the Services.


The Services are designed so that images of you can only be seen by contacts that you are able to see through the Services, while you consent to be seen by them and while they consent to being seen by you. We call this principle “See and be Seen” and the other relevant users “Mutually Consenting Users”.

The Nowbridge client software on your computer will capture images from a camera attached to your computer every few seconds and the images will then be sent in an encrypted format to the Mutually Consenting Users either peer to peer or through our servers. If the images are sent through our servers they will be retained on our servers in memory temporarily. The images will be displayed by the Nowbridge client software on the Mutually Consenting Users’ computers temporarily. We will use reasonable endeavours to avoid retaining any images of you on our servers for longer than is necessary. The images will be deleted from the Nowbridge client software on the Mutually Consenting Users’ computers soon after they have been displayed. It would be possible for a Mutually Consenting User to make a copy of an image of you displayed on their screen: for example, a Mutually Consenting User could take a photograph of their computer’s screen with a digital camera. Please choose carefully the people that you connect with.


You are able to send messages to contacts through the Services. Those messages may be sent to the relevant contacts peer to peer or through our servers. If they pass through our servers they will be deleted once they have been delivered to the recipients, which may take some time if a recipient is not online. We do not keep a record of the content of messages unless required by law. The content of messages may be kept or deleted on the senders’ and recipient’s computer at the option of the relevant user. Our servers may keep a log of the time, date, sender and recipient of messages. We will also keep any information that we are legally obliged to keep.

IP addresses and server logs